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The vi-TRAK system provides a seamless COVID-19 testing and control experience that conveniently tracks, manage and stores all relevant data, available in real-time.

The vi-TRAK system is designed to streamline the mass screening process and accelerate the reopening of america in a safe manner.

Using the rapid antibody test in conjunction with confirmatory lab tests when necessary achieves efficiency and accuracy that neither could make on their own

vi-TRAK provides analytics and insights to be used in patient care, epidemiological studies, and policy making

vi-TRAK delivers a solution to the largest public health crisis America has faced in decades – tracking and preventing the spread of COVID-19

Easily scalable platform that can be deployed rapidly for collecting population-level epidemiological data



User friendly for efficient workflow integration

Each session requires the patient to be identified so that all results can be tied to the appropriate individual

Administer Test

The test is administered by a trained healthcare professional using a swab or venipuncture whole blood, plasma or serum

Scan Test

Using vi-TRAK software, the test is scanned and sent to our secure cloud server where it is analyzed and returned in seconds

Store Results

Once confirmed, results are stored for future use in case tracking, patient care, and policy making

Client admin portal/Dashboard

Customized dashboards will be developed to meet the needs of the customer providing an overview with granular drill-down capabilities and automated daily reports based on fixed client-defined parameters

Patient Portal

Patients have access to all of their tests and vaccinations through the online Patient Portal

Contact Tracing

Identification to setup contact tracing: government issued RFID or other client-defined ID

Customized Reporting

Customizable dashboard that displays relevant insights and analytics about the data collected from testing
Can be configured to meet any needs or requirements by system administrator


Our executive team has national and international experience serving clients in major industries and government agencies including medical, military, public health, foreign enterprise, law enforcement and aerospace


President & CEO

Jody, founder of vi-TRAK, has been in the medical testing and vaccine industry for more than 20 years. From developing quarantine strategies to holding exclusive vaccine services contracts with many of the world’s largest companies, Jody has distinguished herself as an industry leader and innovator in the U.S.A. and the across the world.

vi-TRAK was an idea that she originally developed to manage and consolidated vaccine data from its source to administration and has now evolved into a nationalized system for compliant transaction workflow, recording and reporting.


Vice-President & CFO

Dilan, co-founder of vi-TRAK, has a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and designing, landing and leading strategic cloud platforms for high-end enterprise services.

Dilan has led the development for proprietary ERP solutions and its implementation for multi- nationals, virtual schooling platforms, accounting solutions and vaccine data management systems, including the first iteration of Mrs. Jody Stewart’s state-level vaccine / testing deployment program.

Dilan is a former CFO and has 19+ combined years of experience in the finance and technology arenas.



Dr. Kenyatta Stephens is highly skilled & published Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with several years of advanced training and professional experience in diverse public health fields including disease surveillance, bioterrorism preparedness, HIV/AIDS and epidemic/outbreak work and management.

Her current research interests surround the resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases, future epidemiologic trends and potential outbreak trends, and data science technologies.


Chief Medical Director

Dr. Alan Einstein, grandson to famed physicist Albert Einstein, has been practicing medicine since 1996. Currently working at EMC2Care in Alpharetta, Ga., he is considered a thought leader in metabolic syndrome and its role in weight gain and overall health and longevity. He has also conducted extensive research utilizing umbilical cord blood stem cells, with an interest in Parkinson’s disease and assisted Senator David Shafer in writing and passing Georgia’s only Cord Blood stem cell bill.

Furthermore, in July 2006, Dr. Einstein was appointed to the, “Commission for Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Research and Medical Treatment” by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.


Covid Compliance Officer

Ms. Morton is a 25 year Licensed Private Detective and Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer and Health and Safety Manager certified by Health Education Services with WHO Emerging Respiratory Viruses, Infection Prevention and Control for Covid-19 and Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection and she has been OSHA certified for 20 plus years working as a Consultant with numerous fortune 500 companies.

As a Private Detective she has conducted over 5,000 investigations and over 1,000 surveillances. She is a dynamic sought after speaker lecturing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Toronto, London, Dubai and Vancouver to name a few. She is President and owner of K.N.O.W. LLC Sports & Entertainment Group providing concierge investigative services, cyber security, executive protection, business due-diligence, business development, branding and marketing services to the NFL, NBA, A-list celebrities, corporations and the entertainment community.

As a Compliance and TV and Film Consultant she has worked on over 80 film sets during her 20 plus years working in the entertainment industry and is highly trained regarding the return to work agreement with the DGA , IATSE, SAG-AFTRA, and TEAMSTERS and BASIC CRAFTS UNIONS.

In addition she is a Licensed Executive Protection specialist with a concealed weapons permit.



4060 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite H, Suwanee, GA 30024


4060 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite H, Suwanee, GA 30024